Frequently Asked Questions

For anything not mentioned here please email us at [email protected]


What forms of payments are accepted?

We process all transactions via PayPal. If you do not have a Paypal account, we accept credit card payments through Paypal.


How long does shipping normally take?


Depending on location 3-10 business days.


Do packages have signature confirmation?


Yes, tracking number will be provided and signature confirmation will be required.


What is the return policy?


All sales are final. If there are any issues regarding a confirmed order please email [email protected]


I’m having trouble checking out, what do I do?


Please email [email protected], if you’re having complications at any point during the purchase process.


I’ve placed an order and haven’t received a confirmation email, what do I do?


Please email [email protected] and we will confirm if your order was processed.


How many delivery attempts are there before the order is returned to Sneaker Con?


The US Postal Service (USPS) will make up to 2 attempts to deliver your package. After the attempts, the package will be held for 15 days from the initial delivery attempt before it is returned to sender.


How come my order was canceled?


Orders can be canceled due to multiple reasons. Please email [email protected]


What if my item hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described?


Please email [email protected] for further assistance.


How quickly are refunds processed?


As soon as refunds are issued the funds will return to the original form of payment. Processing times vary depending on your bank/credit card provider.




What is the commission rate?


Commission rate is 8%.


I sold a shoe, do I get penalized for shipping it late?


Sellers who do not abide by the terms and conditions will be penalized on a case by case basis. Seller ratings may be affected by shipping delays.


Once I create a seller account, does it need approval from Sneaker Con?


No, once an account is created it’ll be available for use.


When I sell a shoe, how long will it take until I receive payment?


If the item is already legit tagged, the funds will be sent to your account once the package is delivered.


If the item does not have a legit tag, you will receive payment when Sneaker Con HQ processes that item.


I sold an item, when should I ship it?


A seller has up to 2 business days to ship a sold item.


What are the benefits of selling with Sneaker Con?


We insure a safe marketplace of authentic products and customer service is our number one priority.


Can I get a loyalty account if I sell a certain amount of shoes?


Yes, all accounts in good standing will be rewarded.


Can I become a verified seller?


Yes. We reward resellers for their consistency, rating and longevity.


Are there limitations on the condition of USED pairs?


No, a seller must document through pictures and description any and all wear, tear, and/or defects of the shoe.


What happens if I send in a shoe that is fake or if it is not as described?

There is a $30.00 FLAT fee for any shoes that we must return to the seller for reasons of authenticity, condition, etc... 

LEGIT Certification:


What makes the LEGIT Tag unique?


LEGIT Tags utilize NFC technology that allows for users to scan the tag and determine the legit status of the items.


Is there a surcharge for a LEGIT Tag?


There is no surcharge for the LEGIT Tags.


Where do I get my shoe LEGIT Tagged?


Events: Our LEGIT Team will be tagging shoes at all Sneaker Con events and pop ups.


Buyers: All shoes bought on the Sneaker Con App will be Legit Certified and tagged before you receive them.


Sellers: When you sell a shoe on the Sneaker Con App they will be examined by our LEGIT Team and tagged before shipping to the buyer.


Why should I leave the LEGIT Tag on my shoes?


For Sale: If you plan on selling your shoe in the future then the LEGIT Tag will certify to a buyer that it is authentic. Removing it will cancel our certification.


For Show: Leave no doubt for spectators. Let everyone know you only wear LEGIT shoes.


For Events: You will be able to scan the LEGIT tag for giveaways, access to events, and exclusive content.


I bought a shoe from someone and it had the LEGIT Tag on it, what do I do with it?


You can add it to your Closet by tapping the '+' icon in your Profile followed by the LEGIT Scan icon.

The shoe you purchased and it's LEGIT Status will then appear in your Closet, available to list in the Marketplace.




How are prices determined?


Sellers determine pricing for all listings.


How long does it take to close a dispute?


Disputes vary in time, some may take up to 30 days.


What does “NEW-CONDITIONAL” mean?


When a shoe is “NEW-CONDITIONAL” it means the actual shoe has never been worn but there are defect(s) with the original packaging and/or included accessories. All defects will be documented through photos and description.


Can my billing and shipping address be different?


No billing and shipping must be the same. All billing addresses must match what’s on file with credit card providers.


If you have further questions please email [email protected]

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